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We design infographics and games for children.


INDELEBILE proposes a content organization that, thanks to the language of infographics and communication (through images and signs), could be in line with the evolution of the thinking and learning of digital natives.

We’re developing a design method for children that could be applied to a variety of products: ebook, educational games and live experience like workshops.


Curiosity is the engine of learning.
Today, people talks about education but not about learning. We design accessible children contents on technological tools. Visual content that ignite the spark of curiosity in children.

We Teach to

Infographics are powerful and beautiful, the combination of text and images proves to be a powerful medium for the transmission of information. Infographics allow to clarify, distinguish the most important elements, define the topics. For this reason, thanks to the images you get more attention simplify the way of what you want to tell, you store more.

We Foster

Our infographics are designed for children in order to make the study and learning experience dynamic and innovative.
Thanks to the power of visual, infographics are used in many different areas today. Why not use them as an educational tool too?

We Develope

We design interactive and dynamic content that dialogue with the new generation of digital natives and creates a learning experience made with different technological tools.


We imagined a textbook designed for children, which helps the student to know, learn and observe the topic before reading further. Infographics creates a different school book, more interesting and suitable for digital native students.

From April to September 2013 the students of Scuola-Città Pestalozzi of Florence had lessons and studied on our digital book prototype. They studied the the history of Unification of Italy and the post-unification period.



INDELEBILE project was selected to partecipate in the final for the Barca Starta during Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.


INDELEBILE proposes ludo-educative mobile application that allows children to explore, with Bu the little ink drop, the world of ancient Egyptians, the time of Leonardo Da Vinci to discover the secrets of Science and Art. Thanks to interactive Infographics, animations and games, the children will learn the history and the culture of the World.

2014-09-05 11.53.03


During our workshops you’ll learn to work, collaborate and play together. We make Children improve their innate creative abilities.
We’re sure that there’s nothing more important than that.

We make children discover new games, tools and materials that allow them to learn having fun.

Some of our workshops:

- Cooking the words

- A real Troupe to realize a Stop-motion video.

- How to create video tutorial for my friend on the other side of the world.

2014-10-06 16.32.55



We’re an italian team of very different people, but with a common goal: make INDELEBILE grow!

Founder and CEO

Veronica Selvanetti

Hopes to bring good design to children. She wants to build a society in which ideas and different skills of the team members come together to create innovative products and quality.

Founder and CEO

Nora Ferrucci

Connects designers, educators and illustrators to bring INDELEBILE’s apps to life. Nora loves working with paper and make stop-motion videos.

Interaction Designer

Elena Gianni

She lived for five years in Copenaghen, where she studied Interaction Design. Now she lives in New York and work as an User Experience Strategist for the New York Times.

Motion Graphic Designer

Dario Martini

Holds a degree in Industrial and Communication design in Florence. Now he lives in Milan and works as a Graphics Designer (Creative Direction MotoGP) for Sky Italy. INDELEBILE's character take life in his videos


Francesco Cerra

Graduated in Animation and Graphics. He's a freelance illustrator. For Indelebile has worked realizing storyboards and has collaborated helping to design games and interactions.

Near Future Designer

Tommaso Tregnaghi

Focuses on research and development in the Near Future Design. For INDELELBILE has done research on the future of the school and new technologies. He is one of the founders of Nefula.

Social Media Strategist

Marina Belli

Graduated in Digital Humanities. After a year of PhD in Emerging Digital Technologies (with specialization in Edutainment, Interaction and Virtual Environments applied to cultural heritage), she ran away to New York. Once back, she started to work on web and social media for INDELEBILE.