egiBU is an educational app based on infographics and gamification of ancient Egyptian civilization. The protagonist of this game is BU, a green little drop that helps children to discover not only the historical aspects but also geographic, scientific and artistic arguments.


BU, the protagonist is an explorer that supports children discovering one of the most mysterious and fascinating civilization in history: the Egyptians. Guided by the narrator voice children have to complete levels in the game with increasing difficulty. For example, in the first level, they have to tap on the screen in order to make the Nile overflow, then to spread the Nile silt to fertilize the desert and, at the end, they have to cut the papyrus to see how the Egyptians used it. In this way they don’t have to watch and listen explanations, because they are the protagonists of the story. Thanks to the power of infographics children are not only introduced to history, but also to geography. In fact the first infographic makes a comparison between length and location of the most important rivers in the world.This allows them to learn about the past and also make comparisons with the present by involving different subjects at the same time. The idea comes from the impact that images and tecnology have in today's society. It has been demonstrated that children pay more attention to images than just text.



Infographics , thanks to the combination of text and images , is a powerful way to convey informations. This discipline allows clarification, to distinguish the most important elements, to define topics


In our app and e-book we included infographics in the form of maps and diagrams that allow the childs to acquire a more direct and understandable information.
Infographics are used today in many areas. Why not use it as an educational tool ?


Technology also plays a key role in our project and allows us to design interactive and dynamic content, that dialogue with the new generation of digital natives and create a different learning experience.
Put beside book and e-book to create a new languages ​​of communication, it gives new life to the various disciplinary content .

How all began

EgiBU is the evolution of a project started three years ago as a graduate thesis.
Analyzing the relationship between education and new technologies, we started a collaboration with "Pestalozzi City of Florence" school, pioneering institute into the field of experimentation.
After a long period of observation, research and analysis, born the first prototype of INDELEBILE: an interactive History chapter based on infographics and the teaching laboratory.
The text was written by an historian, Prof. Antonio Brusa, based on the design we had planned.
The trial lasted about three months and the topic redesigned for the tablet was the Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy.
The results gathered from testing (interviews and questionnaires) have been positive and have given us the strength to continue with our project.
AWARDS Project selected for the final to Barca Starta 2014 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Who we are?

We design Educational-App for children and create game trails through infographics , interactions and animations allow children to learn history and culture of the world .

What are infographics ? The infographic is a discipline that is used to communicate visually and simplify large amounts of data and complex processes . Infographics are maps of metropolitan , geographical maps and time lines . A language of colors, symbols and images .